A Sand County Almanac

To be honest, I never considered that when we moved to Wisconsin, that I also would be moving into Aldo Leopold land. I read A Sand County Almanac maybe 10 years or so ago, and it did not really stick to me. At the time I was living in LA, and had spent the most parts of my life in Southern California, Florida, Japan and New York – all far places from the Wisconsin-based book.

Also, although this books is all marked and noted by my younger hand, I guess Leopold did not resonate with my early-30 self like “nature writers” Edward Abbey, William Eastlake, Everett Ruess, Doug Peacock or the main staples of Thoreau, Muir, Carson, etc.

So I opened the pages again yesterday and read the months of January through March. It is interesting to follow along with the months as I venture the trails with my boy. I have also seen the skunk tracks in the snow, and now in March, I can hear the first Canadian Geese making their way back. I will follow along through the year.

It is always amazing how books come in and out of your life at certain times, a friend patiently waiting for the proper time.

It is amazing that things written long ago (in this case 60ish years ago), still make pretty damn good sense today:

“Our bigger-and-better society is now like a hypochondriac, so obsessed with its own economic health as to have lost the capacity to remain healthy.” – Aldo Leopold, 4 March 1948


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