Cornell, one

I have never been to Cornell. Don’t believe I have even been to an Ivy League school. Amazed by the history, and much like moving from San Diego to Wisconsin, there are things here that I have never seen before. Different trees, different flowers, actually saw a chipmunk running through the grass.

Enough time for a quick walk from the Statler Hotel, past the halls of Stimson, Uris, Day, Rockefeller, toward Beebe Lake. The lake held back by a small damn and neat gorge area. Triphammer Footbridge allows a closer look.

Canadian Geese chewed on the new grass and hissed when I got too close to them and their yellow chicks. I come across another footbridge, dedicated by Henry Woodward Sackett from the class of 1875.

The sun starts to set, and I start walking back through the Arts Quad to Libe Slope and my first glimpse of magnolias. I can’t place which kind since they are different from the Southern California ones, smaller, more plentiful on tree, more pink and purple.

The sun goes down, the Ithica cold air.


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