The Dears, Lost in the Plot by Lorraine Carpenter

Reading a book like this is like reading the younger history of a good, new friend. I came across The Dears maybe 5 years ago, and it was love at first listen. “There Goes my Outfit” will always remind me of San Francisco where I bought Gang of Losers and listened to it throughout whatever work trip I was on.

Then I dug up No Cities Left and the earlier releases. Once Missiles came out, I was devoted. Missiles is the best album I have ever heard. My kids (6 and 4) can even sing most of it.

Carpenter does a good job of telling their history from more than a decade ago. The best part of the history to me is learning of all of the other releases/songs that were out there in the early years that I have never heard of:

Nor the Dahlias (2001) with the songs: Everlasting, Open Arms, Nine Eight Two, The Way The World Treats You, Dahlias.
—  The Future is Near (unreleased) with the “new” songs: Mute Button, Dear Mr. Pop Star.
Chivalry Is Not Dead (unreleased) with the “new” songs: Corduroy Boy and She’s Well Aware.

The books also talks about the problems and successes within the band throughout their time. Some nice stories, some not so nice, but all things that happen naturally in tight groups.

The book describes The Dears as a spirit, some thing more than the members of the band. I like to think I hold some of that spirit in my hands.


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