Sometimes the answer to a prayer is “yes”

Almost a five mile hike throughout Indian Lake County Park, venturing through some of the wetlands, through some of the hills, and touching on the Ice Age Trail some more. Since time was not on my side, I continued to worry about wrong turns; fighting the temptation of turning down another trail and another. Still finding plants, trees and flowers that I can not place. One tree in particular. However, I finally nailed the Bird’s Foot Violet.

I took the backward route, to end on the highlight climb of the hike to rest at the chapel, Saint Mary of the Oaks. In the winter of 1856, John Endres and his entire family became infected with diphtheria during an epidemic in Southern Wisconsin. Endres climbed to the top of a hill near his home and prayed for the survival of his wife and children, promising that if they survived, he would build a chapel as a thank you. Sometimes the answer to a prayer is “yes.”

After a bit of a climb, here it is, and it’s strikingly beautiful. Inside and out.

The retreating glaciers marked the beginning of Indian Lake. However, it does not taste lie glacial water. More like mosquito water.

The initial, primal, immediate flight/fear reaction to a snake. I am not particularly scared of snakes, however, that initial jump is enough time for the snake to slither into the higher grass. He stops and waits. So then what? I wanted to see him, wanted to chat for a bit. However, I can not reasonably wade into the high grass looking for a snake I can not see.


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