Wingra Marsh

I will hike any path once. A path leading through marshland in a humid summer day – well, there may be only one time. Maybe again in the dead of winter.

Marion Dunn Pond to Ho Nee Ump Pond and ending at Lake Wingra. Not a terribly long hike, and not particularly remote, but the growth was certainly blanketing. Fast hiking, no relaxing against the bugs. Frog and toad calls. Deep teamwork and togetherness.

Eating cobwebs, a dissolving paste, a sure sign of a non-recently walked trail. Climbing through some of the trees and branches, I reach the edge of the marsh. Lillipads and green water. Strange sounds, a clicking or popping on the top of the water. To the left a large splash and waves – makes me wonder.

Nine baby mallards guided by their mother. Not too close. Another new tree and multiple birds – definitely need some Wisconsin tree/bird identification birds.


About blpawelek

Dad, hiker, writer.
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