The Rocks of Gibraltar (Richmond Memorial Park)

  Short hike with wide path, the first half up to about 1,250 feet to the top of a flat-top butte, dolomite over sandstone. Columbine and cliff goldenrod lead the way to the twisted trees of old red cedar, awaiting erosion, water, the wind to join them with the tell red oaks below.

The cliffs with an immediate 200-foot fall. More timid about these that I was when I was younger. I still lay on my stomach and inch myself so I can look straight down. Turkey vultures fly at eye level, some below me which are interesting to watch. 12-15 of them with their eyes pinned below.

I jump from rock to rock. I do not hear the rocks cracking, but I see the evidence. Everything moves under the feet. The trail starts to fail, taken back by the plantlife. I hang my pack and circle around, 50 feet, 100 and 200. Nothing, damn.


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Dad, hiker, writer.
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