To James Teel Porter, my friend and father in law

You are a man, but I would still hold your hand, give you the love I had and walk you to the other side when you were ready. —  (May 25, 2011)

seven smiles
there are seven smiles that love me
born within stars and rocketships
but made flat and colored
with the highest sun

they keep my place my balance
see my underlined secrets but don’t tell
never tell never judge

i tie a white clothe through them
drag them to far off places of water and sand
and to the fires that no longer hurt us but help

(July 20, 2011 – Jim had told me of a dream he had about seven smiles)

jump the midnight
guardian angel
passing the man
past midnight and fascinate
we jump the path and way
jump the midnight
of bright and passive

my water drop
gravity to hospital bed
and the only time i said
i love you

grab the light string
past the million colors
and the winds of wings
sing through the clouds

(August 31, 2011)


About blpawelek

Dad, hiker, writer.
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