Daley Ranch

Creek Crossing Trail heading east

Daley Ranch is one of my favorite parks in North San Diego. I have put many miles on these trails, remember a 50-mile project a couple Januarys ago.

There is a new spot of water in an area not much travelled. A pond with some coots splashing around. Coots are some of my favorites, not a duck but a waterbird. In California, they live here yearlong. I check an old map, no body of water drawn here. So, I call it as mine. Well, my father-in-law’s pond … Porter Pond. The name at least to me.

I miss the smell of sage, rub my hands down the leaves. I chew the aging fennel with its last days. Most of the blooming plants are done. Our Lords Candle (Hesperoyucca whipplei), my

Our Lords Candle (Hesperoyucca whipplei)

favorite yucca, has burned in the sun.

I take my time over the eight miles today, turn over rocks and climb the small areas, wondering if this will be the time. I always forget to prod with a stick first. Snakes and mountain lions. There has been rumors of mountain lion at Daley Ranch. I have seen no evidence but I always look, expecting something sleek behind.


Porter Pond
Coyote Run, my favorite place in the park (to catch a nap)
Mallard Pond, off Sage Trail.


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