Fire Season, Field Notes From a Wilderness Lookout – Philip Connors

Fire lookout journals I have loved since I was a kid. Abbey had one, Snyder, Stegner, Kerouac and a host full of others, tidbits and scribblings about nature, solitude and reflection.

Connors’ book spoke to me pretty well, as some of it was anchored by Arizona activity by Leopold. In turn, I have been in Wisconsin for about a year, and have had the Sand County Almanac opened every day I have been here. It gave a good history of a good man, successes and failures in thinking.

The majority of the Connors story is about a man, alone for long periods of time in the Gila Wilderness, with a very supportive wife. Beautiful little stories of awe, fear, loneliness. At times, it was a good reminder of similar feelings/fears that I have felt on the trails. I had always wanted to be a fire lookout. It seems a romantic idea. The closest I came was a three-month gig as a park ranger (in the middle of my senior year in high school).

There are books that I think that every man should read, and this one was close. And I love a book that references other books/stories that I have never heard. My wallet does not like it so much.


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