Ice Age Trail – Lodi Marsh

Cloudy and colder, maybe in the high fifties. Animals are now tucked in for warmth along with most bugs, and most people. However, the crickets sing loud in the daytime. I can hear nothing else.

Autumn colors, hills of brown and gold. The trees starting to change, the circling and the beginning. After some distance, I am then alone with the dead trees and dark forest, so deep and foreboding.

After a few steps in, things lighten up under the canopy. Still a strange green, but I feel good seeing the oaks turn to aspen to hickory. In the fields, I can see the old Wild Bergamot.

Hiking long distance in places I have never been. I think about the next turn, and the following. What’s behind the next trees. I think about a math formula I can not complete:

Distance + Uncertainty = X



About blpawelek

Dad, hiker, writer.
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