Guajome Regional Park

When I was back in California, I also spent some time at Guajome walking some of the paths I have never been down. I love this park because … it helped my son learn to count to 20. For real. When he was 2ish, we would hike the nature trail here, and he would run from marker to marker, trying to find the next. On each marker was the nature trail number, and I would quiz him along the way. We walked that trail many, many times.

The name “Guajome” comes from the Luiseno Indian word wakhavumi meaning “frog pond”. In the Luiseño story of creation, Wahawut was one of the “First People” who took on the appearance of a frog to cast a spell over the god Oiyot. There is a school across the street — the school’s mascot is a frog.

Now, in the late summer, the fields of fennel are still high, but they are done. The green is gone, and I can no longer taste the licorice flavor anymore. Also, the sounds of horses, cars, a plane above seem very close.

The wide paths surround The Upper Pond, the Santa Fe trail, the Old Colony, Willow, and Summit. The wide paths of late summer also show the snake tracks, large and wide. They are not the size of anacondas, but we mention it.


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