Mint Condition, Dave Jamieson

Finished this book last week, and I was so happy I picked it up. Yes, for the most part, it is about sports cards and the sports memorabilia market. But, there is a considerable amount of american history, capitalism, commercial competitiveness, marketing and advertising. It was very, very interesting, and I would encourage anyone in sales or marketing to give it a shot. Really tells a good story of the late 19th Century competition in the tobacco market, how it involved into gum/candy, and then trading cards.

I grew up in the same period, and collected cards as a kid, followed sports all my life. Jamieson consistently interviewed folks with a “collector’s mind” and I found that he was really talking about a guy like me. I still remember the best card I ever bought – a Topps Rollie Fingers rookie, the holy grail of my young existance. I think I paid about $40 for it. Not sure it is even worth that any more, 30 years later.

It is always interesting hearing stories from the founders, from the inside guys, from folks who devoted their entire life to something, even if it is just a piece of cardboard.


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