Thank you!

It has been such a great beginning to 2012. I typically bow out of my creative world in the summer/fall of the year to hike, bike, run, sports, etc. I always wonder how the winter resurgence will go. So far, there has been poetry, fiction and art – and I have some other things out there, looking for love.

Thank you much ….

New online galleries of can be found at …
Curbside Splendor (2012) and Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (2012)

agenda – Bending Light Into Verse
“I will create it all in six days, a son and sin.”

china white glaze/deep space – Nailpolish Stories
“I taste my wife’s lips as the dawn sets. God’s love rests in my breast pocket.”

running back home – Dogzplot
“I choose to run harder, faster – teach and mold the body to overcome such things.”

discarding and infinite – The Good Men Project
“so i make deals with god, keep him safe whole and injure me”

dismas and gestas – Bending Light Into Verse
“the lights fade and fade and continue, the saved the sinner and the other”

the girl of crows – Bending Light Into Verse
“the bones sleeping below the tower, old women still above”


About blpawelek

Dad, hiker, writer.
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