Shoveler’s Sink

Pushing my way around this little body of water, aiming to the northwest, to the Ice Age trail and park. The furthest the glaciers pushed into Wisconsin during the last ice age. The snow is light but building, and with the old growth, it makes the steps a bit difficult. Always wondering what is underneath.

Plenty of tracks even during this snowfall, large animals and small. Although I tried to find paths through here, they know the best ways and I follow them for the most part. It is interesting to happen upon old Civilian Conservation Corps projects. There is a little diversion here, probably from the 30s or 40s. I would assume the CCC build this to direct water back to the sink, to try to stave off erosion as much as it could. Now, 70 years later, hmmm … not sure what it is doing.

Out for a couple hours to explore all of the areas, no one else ever in sight. I warm some of the snow against the warmth of my body, look through my pack for something to eat. Nothing of course. I take a seat under a lone tree, bury under the chill and wind, and just watch. Watch the nothing.


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One Response to Shoveler’s Sink

  1. Pete says:

    Love this piece. I can totally imagine plopping down under a tree, in the snow, and watching nothing.

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