Token Creek (East Madison)

Took an afternoon to walk through the area, no one in sight, no one in sound. A short, but slow hike (maybe 4 miles?) as I entered the off-path woods many times to scout things out, listen to the sandhill cranes start to fly in, listen to some of the bug wildlife start the mating season. Along one of the little unnamed ponds, I crept closer and closer, calf deep in the water, surrounded. You can here some of it right here. Insects!

Plenty of wet areas in this park – at the end of the last ice age, drainage of this area was blocked and the soggy land supported plant life. As it died and decayed, it became the peat deposits now underneath the marsh. I bring out handfuls at a time from the wetland to inspect. I can see the prairie invading slowly but surely. Will be very easy to spot as the summer blossoms come of sunflowers, goldenrods and other prairie flowers.

Saw the first baby snake of the year. Could not grab it fast enough to take a good look before it slid off into the longer grasses.

After the hike, I took another trip to the lonely roads of Wisconsin. The ones that line the farms, small little cities of a few hundred people. Stop at the occasional small cemeteries and looks at the old graves.


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