2012 Pieces

Online galleries of my work can be found at …
Curbside Splendor (2012) and Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (2012)


Other images …
our lords candle – BluePrintReview (upcoming)
** There are many images on my Flickr page.

Previous Pieces

Online galleries of my work can be found at …
Blood Lotus Journal #20 (2011), LITnIMAGE (2010), Prick of the Spindle (2010) or The Legendary (2010)

after the prayer – Dogzplot Flash Fiction
bird triptych – This Zine Will Change Your Life
bolivia door one – Corium Magazine
colorwise – BluePrintReview
crosses four – Anti-
demos – BluePrintReview
dividing day and dark – BluePrintReview
dream ring three – Anti-
elements three – Corium Magazine
four coupons – Curbside Splendor
green wave – bright stupid confetti
iron age home – Houston Literary Review
life story, James Beach – bl pawelek writes your life story
matisse two – qarrtsiluni
the age of air – Houston Literary Review
sigismund III vasa (1588) – For Every Year
swallowed – The Planet Formerly Known as Earth
the built drawn – Leaf Garden Press
the drink – bright stupid confetti
the lateral sun – BluePrintReview
the pull – Leaf Garden Press


One Response to Artwork

  1. Nancy Scott says:

    I don’t know how The BluePrint Review manages to pair the art and words so beautifully, but thank you for your image for The Brass Urn. Nancy Scott

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