The Equation of Constants
Artistically Declined Press
poetry collection, 15-pages, free e-book

The Equation of Constants, is running with history and place, all above the basic construct of mathematics. Everything is constant, build the equation.

“The poems in B. L. Pawelek’s The Equation of Constants are built of short wonderful phrases, like curtly reading each separate branch and leaf of a tree – and when we step back we see the magnificently whole structure, the beauty of big, the massive feel of shade in a yard where all else is sun.”J. A. Tyler, author of In Love With a Ghost

“Poems of isolation and detachment, punctuated by blasts of color and a longing for nature.” – Ben Tanzer, author of You Can Make Him Like You

2012 Pieces

discarding and infinite – The Good Men Project
“so i make deals with god, keep him safe whole and injure me”

dismas and gestas – Bending Light Into Verse
“the lights fade and fade and continue, the saved the sinner and the other”

the girl of crows – Bending Light Into Verse
“the bones sleeping below the tower, old women still above”

all down the black hole – The Recliner Anthology of Poetry (upcoming)
gravity takes the walls – Curbside Splendor (upcoming)
hard and cracked – Curbisde Splendor (upcoming)
proof of age – The Recliner Anthology of Poetry (upcoming)
save the step – The Recliner Anthology of Poetry (upcoming)
the attack and journal – Curbside Splendor (upcoming)
the girl of crows – Bending Light Into Verse (upcoming)
the temple does stay closed – Curbside Splendor (upcoming)

Previous Pieces

a light that kills – The Legendary
“the darkness is not the lack of light but the pull and burn of everything”

angel untied – Steel Toe Review
“a breath
that throws it allaway”

bull of the stars – This Zine Will Change Your Life
“another turn  to burn past dark sky open air and touch the fire presented”

less and less distinctly – The Moronic Ox
“my body starts as the thunder growls”

listen to the oriole bird – This Zine Will Change Your Life
“we grab the branch one last time smile at the ground instead of the air hold the breath”

metal and snap – Steel Toe Review
“survive until morningthen gate close and fuel stop”

snake and peyote – The Planet Formerly Known As Earth
“the snake and peyote await the divine light, the sign of pilgrim luck”

the build – The Moronic Ox
“the dirt covers allerases memory and tricks reality”

the heat of sound – unFold
Best of the Net Nomination (2011)
“silence takes a step. i quiet it.”

the no people – Metazen
“we run west to the southern pacific and dream above the coast”

the northern empty streets – Thunderclap Press
“six colors wrapped around my neck you love and two behind”

the right reason – Sententia #2
“i’ll await the night, await the walk, gently lay down”

the rhythm of no choice  – Nickel City Review
“time had you age with its cold grasp of your neck”

the torn hand – Negative Suck
“people surround you and a broken animal one claims you are hers only”

the train that speeds – Nickel City Review
“forget the needs the choice the cold metal on weak flesh”

the wyndham sistersqarrtsiluni – Audio Reading
“mary holds her naked baby in a blazing sun”

to kneel beg and not to pray Apparatus Magazine
“to see the menace eyes beak and bird crown so high”

vaquitaThe Legendary
“death comes to your black eye smooth face”


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