Lake Rebecca Park Preserve

IMG_4094Very green through the area, and everything growing thick making it hard to bushwack through the non-path areas. The raccoons climb higher into the trees, silently hugging the tall branches. They stare at me until I leave. On one of the smaller lakes, I see Trumpet Swans far in the distance. I pass on hiking through the marsh to get closer.


IMG_4083I also walk west to Crow River, walk a few feet in. Particularly cold and sweet to drink. A canoe launch is here – will have to investigate further how far down you can go.

Hike: 9.2 miles, easy terrain. 10-for-10 caches.




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Minnetonka buried water tank

IMG_3215At some point on the small hill that I walked this morning, a water tower was demolished. A sturdier, safer tower was build a few hundred yards away, and the dirt moved to place that new tower was used to bury the first.

That was the story I read, and I ventured around to see some older buildings and the link. However, with the snow cover, it was hard to see much for sure.

So I walked the paths, followed the animals tracks, ate some of the snow.

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Abandoned Piers, Delaware River

A small trail along the Delaware River with a bunch of abandoned piers. Some of them falling apart to the point where I could climb around, see through, etc.  Some of them were probably meant to be green parks, but have fallen away.

IMG_3159 IMG_3169

There is a certain love for urban exploration. There is always a love of seeing things you have never seen.

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My Trail Today: Chaska woods

running through leaves, sweeping them in piles for others to come …

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My trail today: Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area

Fall colors are changing, the wind still warm and soft. I pass on most of the trails, find some trees to climb. A limb to rest against and doze.

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My trail today: Rice Marsh Lake

Rice Marsh Lake

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Road Trip: St Croix River and Franconia Sculpture Park

Some quick shots taken during this weekends road trip …


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