Lake Rebecca Park Preserve

IMG_4094Very green through the area, and everything growing thick making it hard to bushwack through the non-path areas. The raccoons climb higher into the trees, silently hugging the tall branches. They stare at me until I leave. On one of the smaller lakes, I see Trumpet Swans far in the distance. I pass on hiking through the marsh to get closer.


IMG_4083I also walk west to Crow River, walk a few feet in. Particularly cold and sweet to drink. A canoe launch is here – will have to investigate further how far down you can go.

Hike: 9.2 miles, easy terrain. 10-for-10 caches.




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Minnetonka buried water tank

IMG_3215At some point on the small hill that I walked this morning, a water tower was demolished. A sturdier, safer tower was build a few hundred yards away, and the dirt moved to place that new tower was used to bury the first.

That was the story I read, and I ventured around to see some older buildings and the link. However, with the snow cover, it was hard to see much for sure.

So I walked the paths, followed the animals tracks, ate some of the snow.

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Abandoned Piers, Delaware River

A small trail along the Delaware River with a bunch of abandoned piers. Some of them falling apart to the point where I could climb around, see through, etc.  Some of them were probably meant to be green parks, but have fallen away.

IMG_3159 IMG_3169

There is a certain love for urban exploration. There is always a love of seeing things you have never seen.

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My Trail Today: Chaska woods

running through leaves, sweeping them in piles for others to come …

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My trail today: Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area

Fall colors are changing, the wind still warm and soft. I pass on most of the trails, find some trees to climb. A limb to rest against and doze.

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My trail today: Rice Marsh Lake

Rice Marsh Lake

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Road Trip: St Croix River and Franconia Sculpture Park

Some quick shots taken during this weekends road trip …


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Baylor Regional Park

My first proper hike in Minnesota, now that everything is settling into place. There will be more of these, more miles on legs and ground. Aiming for 50 miles a month. We’ll see. Baylor had wide paths, maple trees providing shade in today’s 90 degrees.

Circle routes bring you back to the same points, so I break into the woods for a bit run through the old and new trees. The bugs seem to be dying down now that August has rolled in. I still look forward to November bushwacking.

It is too hot to rest in the pines and the hardwoods, but I try anyway, look the tree tops and try to sleep, but not this time. I start to walk the floating boardwalk through the Marsh, drag my hand occasionally through the green blanketed water. The cool water of Eagle Lake awaits.

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Riley Woods

In my little town of Eden Prairie, there rests the Riley Woods. A conservation park, some of which hugging Riley Creek and eventually leading to Riley Lake. Finally, an awesome day – sunny and 70s, and finally all settled after moving to Minnesota. So I can get back to regular hikes, bikes and runs.

Today, no one but the creek making sounds. There is evidence of activity: deer tracks, ripples in the greened-over pond, rabbit fur tucked into the fallen wood.

I leave the trails for pieces, and search through the fallen woods. Seeing life rebuild itself, jump to the sounds of another crashing, everything continuing, ending and starting.

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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Family trip to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to start walking around the place. and a rough attempt to try to recall some of the wildflowers and plants of the area. This was our first time here since we moved here, and it is pretty darn big – something that would take a full day to walk and enjoy.

We stick with a short walk, flowers and fountains before searching out the in-construction clay/dirt house. Each of us were able to grab some mud, pound some sandbags, etc in order to do our little part. On the way back, chipmunks and a hummingbird seated and resting, pointing his needlebeak toward the sun. I see flowers that will fit in the holes of my garden. My favorite still the field coneflowers in all different varieties.

I have a map, and a look of all the trails. There will be many hikes here in sun and snow. Watching the beauty hide itself, get stronger, waiting for spring.


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